Tile Repair

If your ceramic tiles have some missing pieces you should replace them. When the tiles are only chipped, you can use some tile repair tips. First of all you need to buy some special glue for ceramic tiles. The glue can help to fill the missing pieces of ceramic. You will also need some paint. It’s important to match the paint with the color of your tile. For this, try to bring a sample of the tile or a photo to the store.

Before you start with the tile repair, you need to clean them using a household cleanser. Place the special ceramic glue onto the cracked areas. Use a knife to force the damaged tile. The knife can also help you smooth the damaged area. You should let the glue work for about 24 hours.

Sand the dried glue using a sandpaper. Try to do this until you obtain a completely flat area. Make sure you are using light and quick strokes. In the end you should wipe the dust. The tiles should be totally clean before painting.

Use an artist brush to place the paint over the damaged tile. The paint should dry for a day. The next step is to apply polyurethane as soon as the paint is dry. For this step you need to be very careful. You must try to apply an even coat. The polyurethane should dry for at least 8 hours.

Use a sandpaper for the dry polyurethane. You should apply two more layers of polyurethane. You must avoid walking on the tile for 24 hours. If you follow these simple steps you will succeed to make your tiles look like new. This will also save you a lot of money. You shouldn’t invest money on new tiles if you learn a few tile repair tips.