Broken Tile Repair

Here is a quick fix to help you with repairing a broken tile. Now when replacing the tile, make sure that you have some of the tile that you are going to replace. It is hard to find the exact same tile that you have in your home. So if you don’t have any extra tile laying round, I suggest that you don’t try this because it won’t match, or you will have lots of fun trying to match it up, and you most likely better off replacing all of them.

You want to remove the tile from it position. You can use a hammer and a chisel to remove the tile. Make sure that all of the grout around the tile that you are removing is removed also. Make sure the area of the removed tile is clean and ready for the new tile.

Mix a small amount of thin set with water till you get the consistency of peanut butter. Apply the thin set to the area and then apply it to the tile. Place the tile where you want it and make sure that you press it down enough that the tile is flush with the other tiles.

Take a damp cloth and remove any access thin set and then you are ready for the grout. Depending on the color of the grout the color will look more vibrant then the old grout, but a good cleaning of the old grout will get it looking the same.

Make sure that the grout you get is the exact same color as the original grout obviously. But a small shade difference will be noticeable, unless it is in an area that isn’t very noticeable.

Mix the grout with water till it is like a mud. You don’t want it to watery or it will take along time to dry and the grout may run and you will have to reapply it to make the valley of the grout higher.