Bathtub and Tile Reglazing and Refinishing – A Buyer’s Guide

Tips for getting the best job at the right price

Contractor Selection

Not all contractors are the same, make sure the contractor / refinisher is:

Licensed, each county requires a license, check expiration dates and license limitations, not everyone can do it all.
Insured and can prove it with a Certificate of Insurance specifically addressed to you or your building mgr.
How long has been in business
Experience with bathtub and tile refinishing

Get 3 estimates

Do not use phone quotes as the main factor to select a contractor/refinisher
You need to get an in-home estimate
Measure for square footage
Get rate per square foot
Add cost for extras like colors, tile repairs (loose tiles, fixtures, chipped/ broken tiles, etc.)
Is the grout on the walls being redone
Is the caulking around the tub/shower being removed and replaced
A common issue is paint removal from previous jobs, that needs to be addresses and cost needs to be added or dealt with
Is the paint from previous job being removed?
Is the bathroom being protected and ventilated correctly
Strong fumes and odors need to be vented outdoors (very important)
Is there shower doors?
Is the removal and re-installation included in the price
How much are you paying for this service items
What the total cost is with sales tax
What is the deposit, progress and final payment
When are this payment due and how are they paid.

When following this guide lines you can expect a very good job from a reputable refinisher at a fair price, remember a contractor needs to have insurance and skilled labor and you are expected to pay for these costs. Bathtub and tile refinishing is an affordable option and a real bargain compared to new bathroom remodeling.

Orlando Salazar is the founder and President of Bathtub Doctor, Inc. a division of Corporate Bath Systems, Inc., he has 30 yrs. experience in the bathtub and tile refinishing industry and bathroom remodeling in general.