Bathroom Tile Repair

Hiring an expert to repair bathroom tile can be expensive and time consuming. Repairing or replacing the tile in bathrooms may seem complex and unattainable but even the least experienced home owner can repair the tiles in any size bathroom with the right tools, instructions and a little elbow grease.

Asses The Damage

The first step in any tile repair job is to assess the damage and decide on a plan of action. If there are only a few cracked, loose or missing pieces of tiles, a simple replacement job will suffice. If the damage is minimal, painting the cracks in the tile with matching paint will be simpler than replacing the tiles. If the damage is too large to conceal with paint then the bathroom tiles will need to be replaced.

Purchasing Tiles And Tools

Before beginning the repair job, measuring the bathroom floor and purchasing all of the needed supplies and tools is more effective. This will ensure that everything is handy to get in and get the job done without any runs to the hardware store.

The bathroom floor needs to be measured in square feet. To do this, use a tape measure to obtain the length and width of the bathroom floor. Then multiply the length times the width. Be sure to take this measurement to the hardware store.

You will also need to purchase a filler or grout that matches the current filler in the bathroom. If the entire bathroom floor is being replaced, choose a grout to compliment the new tile. Adhesive, a putty knife, a notched trowel, and a hammer will also be needed. You may also need a grout remover.

Replacing The Damaged Tiles

When replacing only damaged tile, the simplest way to remove it is to place the putty knife in the groove and tap with a hammer. If this attempt is unsuccessful, break the piece of tile with the hammer and remove it piece by piece.

Once it has been removed; use the grout remover and putty knife to remove the old grout and adhesive. Then spread a thin layer of adhesive with the notched trowel across the bottom of the tile and press firmly into place. Allow the adhesive to dry for a minimum of one hour. Fill in the gaps with the grout and smooth in place. Continue in this same manner until all of the damaged tiles are replaced.

Now step back and enjoy your beautiful work!