Water is the main culprit in a major portion of foundation problems. Whether the foundation is of poured concrete, block concrete or stone, continuous water seepage creates cracks which can often be disastrous if ignored.

Cracks due to water seepage are found in the corners of the walls, or where the bricks, stone or concrete slabs join together. If the ground water has enough hydrostatic pressure to allow the water to seep through the foundation, then cracks occur. These cracks begin as small hairline cracks and widen as time passes.

There are two basic methods to repairing foundation leaks at home or in the basement – the urethane injection and the drainage tile repair.

The urethane injection is a comparatively simple process. In this process, the crack is sealed first to prevent any water from oozing out. Holes are then made in the crack and an epoxy resin is injected into the crack. The repair is complete when resin fills the entire crack. Urethane injections cost only a few hundreds of dollars and the time taken for the entire work to the completed won’t stretch beyond a couple of hours. However, the urethane injections can only be applied to small cracks. Also there is the danger of the crack reopening and water seeping in once again.

The drainage tile repair is a lengthy process. First the floor tiles of the affected area are uprooted and a drain tile is fitted. This is then connected to a sump pump or any other legally allowed water removal system. Once this is done, the floor tiles are replaced. This process takes a few days and costs run to thousands of dollars. However, this is a much more permanent method than the injection. One problem may be the malfunctioning of the sump pump. This may cause flooding due to excessive leakage.

Urethane injections are okay if the crack is small, but if the crack has been ignored and has become large and gaping, it is better to repair it using a drainage tile. For larger leaks outside the house, a more extensive method is employed. A trench is dug at the affected place and the drainage tile is replaced if necessary. The trench is then filled – first with coarse gravel to make it more waterproof and then with the soil. This method is used even when dams spring a leak in their foundation.

Repairing foundation leaks is a costly business, but more than that it is a time-consuming and laborious process. However, it is one of those repair works which just cannot be ignored.

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Innovative creating and also advanced production strategies now have transformed floor tastes remarkably, making ceramic tiles the most desired, as a result of their particular easy maintenance, guaranteed permanence, versatility and stunning looks.

Flooring tends to be basically non-porous thus blemish immune. However making sure more hygiene and longevity truly starts together with enhance sealing ahead of, or even following installment, and grout cleansing post-installation. This basically combines ceramic flooring polish as well as sealant, in order to renew the actual ceramic tile polish, and also supply security (sealer) to the actual flooring and also any kind of available tiny holes (still left during set up) from everyday dust and also muck. With regard to post set up grout washing, grout haze purifiers are usually used, that buff out haze coming from freshly mounted ceramic tiles.

A frequently accessible and used ceramic tile cleansing choice is the actual standard commercial tile cleaning, that is carried out together with a combination of vacuum-cleaning, heat cleaning providers and a top pressure rinse off adviser, with regard to spot removal through the floor tiles. Ceramic tile waxing can additionally contribute to keeping ceramic tiles fresh. A comparatively fresh method of keeping floor tiles looking clean as well as brand-new is actually typically the floor tile re-colouring choice, that refreshes discoloured ceramic tiles, and also could be benefited at many tile cleaners. Essentially, there are several washing, waxing and securing alternatives accessible, distinctive to each ceramic tile type, which are better recommended by the city’s tile repair and cleaning service.

Although flooring is fundamentally robust, and has a very long life, these could be vulnerable to certain problems, seeking fast repairs. Unfastened tiles could be a significant issue, and so may be chipped,dinged or scored floor tiles. Cracked or crumbled flooring can effortlessly be swapped out with fresh versions, and also unfastened tiles (mostly a problem in bathrooms due to standard water harm) can be reapplied right after substrate alternative. In case of unavailability of replacement tiles, tile repairing companies may bond loose (or excess) floor tiles, by logically burrowing pockets in the grout in between ceramic tiles, and treating these with a liquid developing substance, producing a around-excellent look. Crumbled flooring may occasionally be an indicator of very poor set up, or a weak grout structure, and while the scenario is discovered so, whole tiling substitution is most recommended.

An enormous aspect contributing to the particular reputation of ceramic flooring, may be the supply associated with tile repairing and cleaning providers in the majority of towns, within easy reach. In conspectus, most of these floorboards and also divider decorating tiles can easily move a long way, together with merely the regular sponge mops, and occasional whiten washes. Just about all one ought to bear in mind will be, within the function of require, expert floor cleaning and repairing providers, are never more more than a single phone call away.


Most people are under the impression that building a house is a hard job but the truth is that maintaining a clean house is harder than building one. Tiles are often hard to clean and most of the products in the market don’t remove stains from tiles as well as they should. Cleaning services help people remove stubborn stains from them and the trained technicians also provide home owners with tips so that they can keep their tiles clean. This article will help you understand which cleaning service is right for your home.

Cleanings services that are offered by cleaning companies include cleaning of marble floors, cleaning of polished ceramic tiles, cleaning of unpolished ceramic tiles, cleaning of brick tiles and cleaning of grout. Depending on their type you have the technician may use mild acids to powerful acids to clean your tiles. Since some of them cannot be cleaned with acids the technician will use alternate materials to clean these tiles.

The type of damage done to the tiles will also determine which material is used to clean the tiles. Basic cleaning services remove stains that have not affected the floor drastically but extensive cleaning services remove stains that cannot be removed without otherwise replacing the tile.Those having mildew and mold damage are often cleaned using powerful materials since mold and mildew spores are hard to kill.

Tile sealing services are also offered by many repair companies. This service consists of using sealants to repair leaky floors. The type of sealant used will depend on the type of floor you have. For instance granite floors require a different sealant than grout floors and the cost for sealing granite floors is more than the cost for sealing grout floors.

Repair services are meant for people who have tiles that are damaged or badly stained. These services are more extensive than regular cleaning and strong materials are used to repair them. Some of the types of tile repairing services include replacement of broken tiles, removal of water stains, replacement of wall boards and replacement of chipped tiles. Some cleaners also repair tiles that have been discolored due to regular wear and tear.

The cleaning service you choose will depend primarily on the type of tiles you have since there are specific cleaning methods for each type of tile. After they have been cleaned the technician will give you tips so that you can keep your tiles clean till when the next cleaning is due.

The price charged for such cleaning services is generally calculated per foot of tile. The type of tile and the type of cleaning or repair method chosen will also affect the total cost. Many tile cleaners offer discounts to customers who opt for more than 2 services and these companies also provide periodic discounts and promotions.

Tips for getting the best job at the right price

Contractor Selection

Not all contractors are the same, make sure the contractor / refinisher is:

Licensed, each county requires a license, check expiration dates and license limitations, not everyone can do it all.
Insured and can prove it with a Certificate of Insurance specifically addressed to you or your building mgr.
How long has been in business
Experience with bathtub and tile refinishing

Get 3 estimates

Do not use phone quotes as the main factor to select a contractor/refinisher
You need to get an in-home estimate
Measure for square footage
Get rate per square foot
Add cost for extras like colors, tile repairs (loose tiles, fixtures, chipped/ broken tiles, etc.)
Is the grout on the walls being redone
Is the caulking around the tub/shower being removed and replaced
A common issue is paint removal from previous jobs, that needs to be addresses and cost needs to be added or dealt with
Is the paint from previous job being removed?
Is the bathroom being protected and ventilated correctly
Strong fumes and odors need to be vented outdoors (very important)
Is there shower doors?
Is the removal and re-installation included in the price
How much are you paying for this service items
What the total cost is with sales tax
What is the deposit, progress and final payment
When are this payment due and how are they paid.

When following this guide lines you can expect a very good job from a reputable refinisher at a fair price, remember a contractor needs to have insurance and skilled labor and you are expected to pay for these costs. Bathtub and tile refinishing is an affordable option and a real bargain compared to new bathroom remodeling.

Orlando Salazar is the founder and President of Bathtub Doctor, Inc. a division of Corporate Bath Systems, Inc., he has 30 yrs. experience in the bathtub and tile refinishing industry and bathroom remodeling in general.

When it comes to cutting ceramic tile in a straight line there are really a few ways to do it. If you do not have many tiles to cut then you can use the scoring method. This would be a lot more suitable for a small tile repair or an extremely small job. It can be time consuming and frustrating so you would not have to cut many tiles to warrant using one of the methods mentioned later.

If you only have a few tiles to cut, use a straight edge to determine the line you want cut on. Then use a scoring tool to repeatedly go over that line. You will first create a groove and then deepen it. You then need to snap the tile. Resist trying to do this with your hands alone; try to use a wire or something flat that will apply pressure across the entire length of the tile. That will reduce the chance of breaking the tile in a place that you do not want to.

For most jobs you will want to use a tile cutter or wet saw. The wet saw can be relatively expensive for cutting ceramic tile, so it is probably not something you want to buy unless you plan to do a number of tiling projects. You can usually rent them, but you should be warned that they do not usually come with instructions. The wet saw has the advantage that you can cut tiles in a curved line. This may not be advisable though if you have never used one before as it will bring your hands close to the saw blade.

The tile cutter is a good option for many people. It does not take too long to get the hang of using it and not breaking tiles. If you want to minimize the number of broken tiles over the course of an entire job, you might want to take one as a tester and cut it many times until you start to get the knack for it.

If you are using a tile cutter for your job and you have one or two small circular cuts to make, you can buy a tool called a rod saw. It has a carbide outer layer and it fits into a regular hacksaw frame. It is labor intensive, it will work for cutting ceramic tile, however, you would not want to make too many cuts this way but it is an economical choice.

Tile and stone are rugged and durable materials that will usually require very little maintenance over the years. From bathroom and outdoor patio tiles to stone walkways and pool decks such surfaces have the consistency and strength to ward off foul weather, intense UV light and other common outdoor hazards. However, due to a number of factors tile and stone can crack or break, build up grout and be stained from liquids which can all combine to make a surface appear dingy and worn. Keeping tile and stone surfaces looking great isn’t hard to do and can be finished in a relatively short amount of time.

Most tile repairs are due to grout and cracked tiles. When applied improperly grout will cause tile to crack and then pieces will eventually break loose. Tiles can break or crack from any number of reasons including major ground disruptions like earthquakes and minor accidents such as dropping heavy objects on patios and tile floors. Tile and stone can also become faded over time due to direct exposure to sunlight and if your patio or walkway doesn’t have a protective finishing coat the tile is more likely to become worn and brittle.

Before beginning a refinishing or repair project make sure you know how extensive the damage is; if it’s only a few tiles that are cracked then you’re looking at a small refinishing job but if the problem is more widespread and includes water damage to the foundation then it could mean major repair work. Replacing entire sections of patio and outdoor stone surfaces is not uncommon when the ground underneath has become unstable.

Once you’ve identified the problem area and the extent you can begin to fix tile and stone surfaces with relatively inexpensive textured primer epoxy coatings and refinishing kits. Different brushes can be used to mimic specific surfaces including a standard nap roller to produce a smooth though slightly textured finish, a tile roller to produce a tiled finish and a stone roller that produces a finish resembling rough stone.

One of the most common calls we receive here in my home repair business in Cincinnati are for bathroom shower tile and grout repairs. Failed bathroom shower tile and grout is an expensive repair. Fortunately, there is one simple, inexpensive step you can take to avoid expensive bathroom shower tile and grout repairs in your home.

With the impending economic collapse of our nation, we must make every effort to prevent unnecessary and costly home repairs with proper maintenance and care. The purpose of this article is to explain why bathroom shower tiles and grout generally fail and how proper maintenance of your shower tile can prevent that from happening.

How Bathroom Shower Tile and Grout Fail

Whether you have shower tiles coming off the wall, grout that is molding or falling out, water intrusion behind the tile or the shower itself is leaking, there is typically one common cause. That cause is water penetrating the grout and infiltrating the tile backing. Often, this results in mold growth in the tile grout lines, deterioration of the adhesive between the tile and the tile backer, or failure of the tile backer itself.

Examples of Bathroom Shower Tile Failure

Look in your own shower for any grout lines that are failing or tiles that are cracking. You can also see if water has made its way behind the grout lines if you can see black mold growth in them. There isn’t anything one can do to fix a shower in this condition. It must be demolished and a new tile shower built in its place.

If water intrusion has destroyed the grout, tile adhesive and/or the tile backer, a repair project like this will cost you thousands of dollars. So please, take heed to the following advice to maintain your shower, as such maintenance takes precious little time and money.

Bathroom Shower Tile Grout Must Be Periodically Sealed

Grout is porous, meaning that it does allow some water to penetrate it. Consequently, it must be sealed periodically to maintain its moisture resistance. If there are holes, cracks, or even invisible fissures in your grout lines, water will find its way in to cause mold growth, tile adhesive failure and water damage to the shower. Often, tiled showers installed over a finished space are responsible for wood rot, drywall damage and mold growth in a home. Therefore, properly maintaining the water resistance of your tile shower will not only prevent costly damage to the bathroom itself, but other areas of your home.

How to Seal Bathroom Shower Grout and Tile

Thankfully, bathroom shower tile maintenance is a breeze. Simply purchase an aerosol can of grout sealer from your local home improvement store and use it as indicated on the label. Essentially, once you clean the shower, you spray the grout lines with the sealer and let it dry, then re-apply once more. This treatment should be done yearly as a sound measure to seal up any cracks or microscopic holes in the grout that could lead to further water damage. If you have a natural stone tile shower, a product is available for that application as well. For a few dollars and minutes of your time each year, you can prevent the frustration of expensive bathroom shower tile and grout repairs.

Act Fast on Bathroom Tile Problems

If a problem develops in your shower, attack it immediately to prevent more costly damage. We recently helped a client who acted quickly upon noting some mold growth and water staining in their shower grout. We were able to clean the grout, replace a few areas of failed grout without removing the tile and then seal the entire shower. Consequently, a few hundred dollars in repairs avoided a multi-thousand dollar disaster for this client.

For Help with Shower Tile Repairs

ProMaster Home Repair & Handyman of Cincinnati is a great choice for those who don’t have the time or inclination to perform their own bathroom shower grout and tile repairs. Whether you notice molding grout or loose tiles, ProMaster has a skilled team of professionals who understand that attention to detail, artistry and precise craftsmanship are the keys to success in any bathroom shower tile project.

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Here is a quick fix to help you with repairing a broken tile. Now when replacing the tile, make sure that you have some of the tile that you are going to replace. It is hard to find the exact same tile that you have in your home. So if you don’t have any extra tile laying round, I suggest that you don’t try this because it won’t match, or you will have lots of fun trying to match it up, and you most likely better off replacing all of them.

You want to remove the tile from it position. You can use a hammer and a chisel to remove the tile. Make sure that all of the grout around the tile that you are removing is removed also. Make sure the area of the removed tile is clean and ready for the new tile.

Mix a small amount of thin set with water till you get the consistency of peanut butter. Apply the thin set to the area and then apply it to the tile. Place the tile where you want it and make sure that you press it down enough that the tile is flush with the other tiles.

Take a damp cloth and remove any access thin set and then you are ready for the grout. Depending on the color of the grout the color will look more vibrant then the old grout, but a good cleaning of the old grout will get it looking the same.

Make sure that the grout you get is the exact same color as the original grout obviously. But a small shade difference will be noticeable, unless it is in an area that isn’t very noticeable.

Mix the grout with water till it is like a mud. You don’t want it to watery or it will take along time to dry and the grout may run and you will have to reapply it to make the valley of the grout higher.

Getting your tile redone is a pain in the butt if you have no idea what you are doing. First you need to find out what type of tile it even is. It could be natural stone, travertine, marble, and even granite. This is just the first challenge. There are many different steps to take to repair tile depending on what type of tile you are dealing with. A lot of amateurs will install tile the wrong way which can make your house or business place look pretty terrible. Here are a few steps to make sure that things go smoothly when repairing any type of tile.

Typically you will need the following 8 things: Old rags(you wont be able to reuse them after this), spray bottle, good supply of water, thin scrub(toothbrush will work), one large sponge, one grout float, one grout saw and last but not least, a lot of patience and precision.

Step 1: Go to the store and buy some grout(if so needed)

step 2: Remove rotting/loose/damaged grout

step 3: spray the area with spray bottle and brush down with toothbrush

step 4: mix up the grout

step 5: spread grout where you just cleaned

step 6: make tiles squeaky clean

step 7: polish all of the tiles

This is a very brief overview of how tile repair goes for MOST tiles. As I said each kind of tile is different, but this is the most basic way you that you will find. I wish you the best of luck in your tile repair endeavors!

If your ceramic tiles have some missing pieces you should replace them. When the tiles are only chipped, you can use some tile repair tips. First of all you need to buy some special glue for ceramic tiles. The glue can help to fill the missing pieces of ceramic. You will also need some paint. It’s important to match the paint with the color of your tile. For this, try to bring a sample of the tile or a photo to the store.

Before you start with the tile repair, you need to clean them using a household cleanser. Place the special ceramic glue onto the cracked areas. Use a knife to force the damaged tile. The knife can also help you smooth the damaged area. You should let the glue work for about 24 hours.

Sand the dried glue using a sandpaper. Try to do this until you obtain a completely flat area. Make sure you are using light and quick strokes. In the end you should wipe the dust. The tiles should be totally clean before painting.

Use an artist brush to place the paint over the damaged tile. The paint should dry for a day. The next step is to apply polyurethane as soon as the paint is dry. For this step you need to be very careful. You must try to apply an even coat. The polyurethane should dry for at least 8 hours.

Use a sandpaper for the dry polyurethane. You should apply two more layers of polyurethane. You must avoid walking on the tile for 24 hours. If you follow these simple steps you will succeed to make your tiles look like new. This will also save you a lot of money. You shouldn’t invest money on new tiles if you learn a few tile repair tips.